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What is Surge Arrester? What does it do?



Surge arresters are protective elements that protect the system from overvoltages seen in the electrical system.

The definition of the overvoltage for an electrical system can be given as exceeding the maximum permissible continuous operating voltage. Overvoltages cause significant problems on the operation of the system. System failure

We can list the causes of these overvoltages:

Lightning overvoltages

  • Naturally sourced overvoltages coming into the system from outside
  • They are high amplitudes (in kA), the wave front is very steep (in the order of •s)

Switching overvoltages

  • They occur as a result of sorties performed at switching stations
  • They have moderate amplitudes (from 500A to 3kA) and durations (ms)

Transient overvoltages (TOV)

  • They arise from different operating conditions in the system (load disposal, ground faults, etc.)
  • They are relatively low in amplitude (1 (100 A) and have long durations (from seconds to hours).


Operating voltages (COV)

  • System parameters and create constant stress on devices
  • They cause long term deterioration of insulation.


What is Arrester? What is the working principle of the surge arrester? How does the Parfudr work?


As mentioned above, the task of surge arresters is to protect the system elements against excessive voltage in the system. In other words, the surge arresters are the victims of our system. A surge arrester earths the overvoltages in the system and creates a controlled phase earth fault on the system. When this error occurs through a healthy working surge, no interruption occurs in the system.

The principle of operation of a surge arrester can be explained: The surge arresters have a high impedance value at power frequency voltages. In contrast to impulse currents, the impedance values ​​are close to zero.

In other words, it is a resistance that can change its value according to the voltage between the surge terminals.

All modern surge arrester designs are non-stop designs that use metal-oxide blocks as variable resistors.


In general, the following terms are used in the terminology of the surge arrester:

Ur: Surge Arrester Voltage

UC: Continuous Operating Voltage (COV)

Um: Maximum system voltage

In: Rated release current




What are the types of surge arresters?



Surge arresters can be manufactured in many different types according to their application areas. In general we want to classify




-High Voltage Surge arresters (Station Types)


-Medium Voltage Surge Arrester-distrubtion types


- Low Voltage - Surge Arrester or Surge Protective Device (Surge Protective Device)






What is English for Collateral?

Surge Arrester is called Lightning Arrester. Various English sources include Surge Arrestor or Lightning Arrestor or Ligtning surge arrester. For this reason, the surge arrester symbol is briefly indicated by gesi L Bu.


However, the type of surge arrester or LV surge arrester is different. English as Surge Protective Device or SPD.






Surge arrester symbol - what is the symbol or circuit displayed?



Various standards are shown differently. However, the most valid representation according to IEC 60617 is as follows.




 surge arrester lightnin arrester arrestor symbol surge arrester symbol icon


Surge arrester- Lightining arrester- arrestor sysmbols




What are High-voltage-Medium voltage Surge Arrester Parts?



Surge arresters can consist of metal-oxide blocks (ZnO), body, sealing elements, connection elements, voltage rating rings (corona rings), surge arrester, jump counter and leakage current counters.

Metal-oxide blocks form the heart of the surge arrester and provide all electrical characteristics of the surge arrester.

The surge arrester is the part that keeps the elements inside the surge arrester together, protects the paraffets against external influences and also provides insulation. The body of the surge arrester is made of two basic materials: porcelain and polymer.

Porcelain body surge arresters are traditionally designed as surge arresters and nowadays are rapidly replaced by polymer body surge arresters. Porcelain surge arresters consist of porcelain body, metal-oxide resistors, metrolole materials, mounting covers, pressure relief systems and voltage rating rings.

Because of the air in the porcelain structure of the air in the errors that occur because the air expands and explodes to explode and cause damage to itself and the environment. That's why porcelain surge arresters

Equipped with equipment. The other problem with porcelain surge arresters should be able to absorb moisture, which is the cause of 86% of porcelain surge arrester faults.

Polymer-body surge arresters are the basis of modern surge arrester designs. Polymer surge arrester is composed of metal oxide resistors, polymer enclosure and bonding elements. Since the polymer surge arresters do not contain any air or gas inside, there is no explosion in an internal fault that can occur, so there is no pressure relief system. The advantages of polymer surge arresters are as follows:

  • Low footprint and light weight
  • Can be installed close to the device to be protected
  • Simple connection
  • Does not contain air and moisture
  • Resistant to mechanical influences such as earthquakes
  • Resistant to contamination
  • Water retention
  • It is resistant to UV rays.

In addition to these, the surge arresters have specially designed connection elements depending on the connection forms and the location to which they will be connected.




What is the High-Medium Voltage Surge Arrester? What does the surge arrester do?


Another important element of surge arresters is the surge arrester. Although they are not basically surge arrester components, they prevent the system to detect faulty surge arresters in the system and prevent the system from being out of service due to faulty surge arresters.

Separators are mounted on the ground ends of surge arresters. The disconnectors work in the event that the surge arrester does not fall to normal values ​​after a certain period of time after an discharge through the surge arrester and prevents a possible phase-to-earth fault by interrupting the connection of the surge arrester with the earth. Thanks to the surge arrester, the defective surge arrester can be easily determined by eye contact.




What are the brands of surge arresters? Which market is the best brand of surge arresters? What should be considered when picking up surge arresters?



There are various domestic or foreign brands that produce surge arresters. However, POLIPAR haline has become the brand that has been dealing with 30 years of high-speed surge arrester technology and has been producing the medium-voltage polymer-enclosed paraffin in our country and using the technology it has today with its technology in many different countries.




Polipar AG- Low Voltage-Plumbing Surge Arrester (SPD products) is the first company in Turkey to realize its production. With close to 30 years of experience, it uses 420.000 Volt (420 kV) production and test capacity in the production of LV-Low Voltage-Plumbing Surge arresters (SPD products) produced at 220-380 V level.




We kindly ask our users to pay attention to the domestic and foreign firms which have not been produced in independent-accredited laboratories and whose required tests are not certified in the actual product standard and whose production technology is not proven according to the actual product standard. Protection requires experience and competence.




Polipar AG- Low Voltage-Installation Surge Arrester type and design tests and TSE certificate with the-first and only Al company.




How to choose surge arrester? What should be considered when selecting the surge protector?



There are various complicated parameters when selecting the surge protector. You can get technical support from our company or you can review our contribution. You can also use our article on Polipar surge arrester selection. The choice of surge arrester is the basic point of correct protection. Please contact our company about selection of surge arresters.


How is Parafudr connected or how to install surge arresters?




In order to determine how the surge arrester is connected, it is important to select the surge arrester and determine the correct type of surge arrester. Polipar surge arresters as a standard in the operating instructions and video sharing sites are shown in detail in our videos on the connection of Polipar surge arresters. Please contact us for connection wiring diagrams.


 What is the prices of Parafudr? What is the price of high voltage or LV - Low Voltage - Installation Surge Arrester?




The most important feature of Polipar products is that the price quality-performance balance is at the highest level. Polipar products are guaranteed by 30 years of industry experience. HAPPY CUSTOMER is the basic firm principle.


What is the difference of Parafarr lightning rod?


One of the most common problems we encounter is the fact that the electrical personnel with external lightning or lightning rods will be protected from lightning or surge voltage. However, external lightning systems only protect against the physical effects of lightning. Lightning impacts in an area of ​​2 km and the lightning pulses in the oscillating direction can lead to your facility and cause malfunctions in your devices. First class B surge arresters should be used to protect against lightning and lightning strikes. Our facility will be protected from lightning-induced impacts of a B-class product that we will place on the main panel.


What are Data Surge Arrester? How are data centers protected?


Nowadays, huge data center projects, especially banks, GSM firms, are realized in succession. It is important that data center projects are protected against sudden surge and lightning strikes. Nowadays, every medium-sized company has a server room and unfortunately, the servers are damaged due to sudden surge pulses. The loss of information and time loss along with economic loss reveal how important protection measures are. Commercial enterprises that store the data of thousands of companies in cloud technology can damage all line inputs from networked switching pulses at greater risk than lightning. Generally, our system feeds the response of UPS as a pretext of not conducting protection. However, it is of utmost importance to protect their input and output with AG Surge Arrester systems. Please contact our company to provide these protections.







As Polipar, our company manufactures its products in accordance with TS EN 60099 TED4, IEC 99 IEC4, IEC 60, IEC 270, IEC TC, TEDAŞ-MDY within the Quality Management System established in accordance with the latest version of ISO 9001: 2015. All processes in our service network including raw materials and semi-finished goods are realized in accordance with ISO 9001 quality management system. Ensuring continuous improvement in quality, achieving the quality targets and ensuring customer satisfaction constitute our basic working principle. HAPPY CUSTOMER is our basic goal.

With the High Voltage and Medium Voltage test laboratories installed in Polipar facilities, routine tests, acceptance tests and type tests are applied to our products having TSE certificate in accordance with the relevant domestic and international standards. In addition, we carry out tests in our internationally independent independent testing laboratories, primarily in Germany, in order to bring our quality to world norms. Our company, which has one of the most comprehensive test and test laboratories in our sector, is constantly in the development and modernization of test and test laboratories in order to enable our quality control processes to operate in the most effective way. System protection from 220 V to 420.000 V ürüna is a safeguard for POLIPAR products.




Please contact us for any kind of problem.

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