HP-C Series Cut-Out and Surge Arrester Combination

Added Date 6.08.2020

M.V. surge arresters are used to protect transformers and other equipments in station and distribution systems against the damage caused by atmospheric (especially lightning effects) and operational conditions.

Now, our new product HP-C Series Cut-Out and Surge Arrester Combination offers best solution for your system.

Metal oxide type surge arresters without gaps are designed to prevent probable damages in the case of typical surges in energy systems while it has no negative effect on energy systems in normal operation voltage.This special feature of gappless arresters originating from non-linear characteristics of metal-oxide varistors between voltage and current scales.The non-linear feature is much more higher compared to SiC surge arresters.


What is advantage to use HP-C series Cut-Out and Surge Arrester Combination compare to use separate cut out and surge arrester ?

Advantage of the combination: the arrester can be replaced without power off.


How is principe of fonctionning of HP-C series Cut-Out and Surge Arrester Combination ?

Principle: Follow their own principles.

Surge Arrester: Under the normal system working voltage, it presents a high resistance state, with only microampere current passing through. Under the action of over-voltage and large current, it presents low resistance, which limits the residual voltage at both ends of the arrester.

Fuse cutout: the metal conductor is used as the melt in series in the circuit. When the overload or short-circuit current passes through the melt, it will fuse due to its own heat, thus breaking the circuit.



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