Transmission Line Surge Arresters TLA ( Line Surge Arresters )

TLA Tipi Parafudrlar

Surge arresters type HS-TLA in silicone housing are intended for protection AC power engineering networks against multiple lightning and switching overvoltages in HV  substations, cables and transformers. This surge arrester is destined to all special technical requirements as well.Surge arresters adapted for outdoor and indoor installation and temperate and tropical climate up to 1200 m over the sea level. The possibility to install in any working positions.


- Low residual voltage

- High energy input capacity

- Stable U-I characteristics even after multiple strokes

- Housing resistant to rough handling

- Explosion and shatter – resistant design

- Pollution resistant and UV

- Ability to install in any position (vertically or horizontally)

- Maintenance free

- Low weight, easy transportation and storage

- Ability to work in horizontal position

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