Station Type Surge Arrester

Application of POLIPAR Station , Substation  Metal-Oxide type arresters (class 2 - SL , Class 3 - SM , Class 4 - SH type arresters)

M.V. surge arresters are used to protect transformers and other equipments in station and distribution systems against the damage caused by atmospheric (especially lightning effects) and operational conditions.

Metal oxide type surge arresters without gaps are designed to prevent probab- ledamages in the case of typical surges in energy systems while it has no nega- tive effect on energy systems in normal operation voltage.This special feature of gappless arresters originating from non-linear characteristics of metal-oxide varistors between voltage and current scales.The non-linear feature is much more higher compared to SiC surge arresters.

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Advantages of NON-LINEAR metal-oxide type arresters

>> Low resistance to the surges in energy systems,therefore limits the over voltage.

>> Sufficient energy absorption capacity for stable operations.

>> Low residual voltage (especially for steep current impulse).

>> Wide protection range.

>> High absorption capacity for follow current.

>> Long duration and no maintenance.

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