Polipar Telescoping Hot Stick

Applied Standard: IEC 60855.

Voltage: Up to 550kV.

Length: up to 13m.

Max stage: 10 stages.

Color: safety yellow , orange ,green or customer required color.

Locking position: designed according customer requirement.

Univeral head material : Stainless Steel,Aluminium Alloy ,or Brass.

Insulation body part material: Epoxy FRP tube with foam filled .

Holding part material : anti-slip treated painting.

Bottom part material : insulated black rubber or FRP block with anti-mouisture design.

Locking part material : White Nylon, Black plastic or locking using FRP block by big and small end.

Advantage of our products:

 1.Anti-moisture. Foam filled tube and ventilated bottom design.

 2.Anit-slip . Holding part is roughness treated.

 3.Convenience and flexible locking system.

 4.Absorbing and anti-friction surface.

 5.100% electrical performance tested.




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