Polipar Externally Gapped Line Arresters (EGLA)

Polipar externally gapped line arrester (EGLA) has two basic components, the Metal Oxide Resistor (MOR) and series gap. The MOR has roughly the same characteristics as a standard MOV arrester. The gap is generally a single air gap in series with the arrester.

  • No leakage current, since the series gap disconnects the arrester part of the EGLA - metal-oxide varistor (MOV) blocks - from the system voltage under normal service conditions
  • Lower arrester rated voltage required (arrester is not energized all the time, i.e. it's insulated by the series GAP)
    --> less material and fewer MOVs are needed
  • No disconnector and no ground lead are needed
  • Suitable for multiple-circuit towers with short clearances - the highly compact design of the EGLA and the absence of a ground lead allow installation and lightning protection even on towers with very small cross-arm clearances
  • Better suited for live installation
  • Complete EGLA solutions with polymer insulators also available
  • Designed and tested to comply with the latest IEC 60099-8 standard

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