Polipar Automatic Splice

• ANSI C119.4, Class 1, full tension connector 

• ANSI C119.4, full tension, Class A connector

• During installation, the line has at least a tension of 10% or more of the rated breaking strength of the conductor to ensure a reliable electrical connection

• Color coded end funnel guides for easy identification

• Factory inhibitor protected

• Fastest method of splicing aluminum, aluminum alloy and ACSR conductor


The current passes through the wire to the metal jaw, and the current flows through the metal jaw to the shell. The shell then transfers the current to the metal jaw, and the metal jaw to the wire;

Reliable electrical conductivity. The loop resistance of the automatic quick connector is not greater than 1.1 times the loop resistance of the equal-length wire, and the metal jaw can penetrate the remaining oxide layer on the surface of the wire.


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