OBV5-C40-PV SPD For Photovoltaic Applications

POLIPAR OBV5-C40-PV series of DC Surge Protective Device (SPD) use for in Photovoltaic applications. SPD provide protection from lightning current and overvoltage surges in system from 500 V DC to 1500 V DC . 

Providing power with photovoltaic solar panel is tremendously interesting in the context of renewable energy sources, as regards economical photovoltaic systems connected to public electricity network. Because of their exposition, frequently in isolated sites and of the extended surface of photovoltaic systems, lightning strikes are a major component in the rist to be assumed, both for direct effect of lightning on the structures, and of the surge overvoltages on the installation. 

POLIPAR OBV5-C40-PV SPDs protect your system in photovoltaic applications.


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