HS Series 170 kV 100 kN Composite Suspension Type Insulators

HS Series  Composite Suspension Type Insulators

These types composite insulators used in medium voltage distribution power lines. These insulators are preferred because of their advantages, areas close to the sea and industrial pollution in regions of high hydrophobic properties to the high insulation to provide better, be impenetrable type, easy assembly, according to the porcelai insulator and glass insulator to the lighter.

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Technical Features


170 kV 100 kN

Total Leakage Current Length


  : 4450

Tensile Strength Frequency Humid in 1 Minute


 : 395

Resistence to Lightning Stroke


 : 750

Minimum Mechanical Tensile Strength


 : 100

Rated Frequency


 : 50

Distance Between Metal Sections


 : 1364

Section Height


 : 1606

Silicon Color

 : HTV / Light grey

Metal Fastening Product 

 : Hot-dip galvanized forged steel

Metal Fastening Product Length

 : IEC 60120

Applied Standards

 : IEC 61109, IEC 62217

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