HS Series 132 kV 12 kN Composite Post Insulator

These insulators are preferred because of their advantages, areas close to the sea and industrial pollution in regions of high hydrophobic properties to the high insulation to provide better, be impenetrable type, easy assembly, according to the porcelai insulator and glass insulator to the lighter.

Technical Features


132 kV 12 kN

Total Leakage Current Length


  : 3200

Tensile Strength Frequency Humid in 1 Minute


 : 250

Resistence to Lightning Stroke


 : 550

Specified Cantilever Load


 : 12

Rated Frequency


 : 50

Maximum Design Cantilever Load


 : 6

Specified Tension Load


 : 70 kN

Silicon Color

 : HTV / light grey

Dry Arc Distance  

 : 1100 mm

Applied Standards 

: IEC 61952






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