HL Series Line Type Low Voltage Surge Arresters

POLIPAR HL series low voltage surge arresters used for protect low voltage power equipment from the effects of lightning and switching overvoltages.


  • Low protection level, independent from steepness and polarity of surge strike
  • High energy absorption capability
  • High resistance to the influence of environmental conditions
  • Stability of the characteristics in time
  • Wide range of terminals and assembling accessories
  • Reliable protection characteristics
  • Perfect solutions for indoor applications.
  • Using reliability proven ZnO technology.


SPD Type

Low Voltage Line Type

System Voltage

110 V to 980 V

Ambient Temperatures

-40 to 70

Nominal Discharge Current (8/20µs)

5kA or 10kA (peak)

Maximum Discharge Current (8/20µs)

25kA or 40 kA (peak)

Continuous Operating Voltage

88 to 785

Short-Circuit Widthstand



48-62 Hz




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