HL-OBV-C Series Installation Type Surge Arresters


Product Features :

>> It has the capacity to handle high current lightning voltage in 40 kA and 30 kA (8/20 μs) 

>> It satisfied the condition of TS EN 61643-11 C class.

>> It is suitable to use before in sub-panel

>> It has 1,5 kV and 1,8 kV protection level.

>> It is being used as 1,2,3 and 4 poles.

>> Based on EN 50022, it can be mounted on DIN 35 rail.

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First TSE Quality Certified Surge Protective Device in Turkey

This document includes surge protective device technical features and usage areas, which are related to highest system voltage of single, phase 220 V and 380 V triple phase in opposed to prevent systematic excessive voltages.

Related Standards :

  • Turkish Standards: TS EN 61643-11
  • IEC 61643–11 Surge Protective Devices Connected To Low-Voltage Power Distribution Systems - Part 11: Performance Requirements And Testing Methods

 Working Conditions :

  • Suitable for the internal
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