Combine Fuse Cutouts Switch with Seperator (drop-out fuse , porcelain )

Distribution class combine fuse cutouts switch with seperator (drop-out fuse , porcelain  base  distribution types )

are available in a variety of types: universal, arrester combinations and loadbreak types. All cutouts provide reliable overcurrent protection for primary distribution systems. Overcurrent protection safeguards an electric system from excessive currents produced by abnormal conditions such as line faults, line or equipment overloads or equipment failure. For the ultimate in reliability and dependability, POLIPAR fuse cut-out switch (drop-out fuse , porcelain  base  distribution types )  provide superior performance in harsh climates, including reduced cracking and breakage. We will supplied in Ankara TURKEY factory. 


Fuse cutout is suitable for high voltage distribution lines and transformers, acting as an overload protector and a device for opening and closing load current. All the metal parts of the fuse cutout are free from erosion and rust. The fuse cutout is developed to fit common service conditions and applications.


1.Secure over-current protection.
2. High mechanical strength.
3. Advanced design of fuse tube.
4. Easy for installation.


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